PUgliese industria meccanica

Pugliese since 1946

The company began in 1946 with the great capability of the young Manfredo Pugliese, who upon re-entry to his town of origin (Perano-Chieti) after the Second World War, began with great passion a blacksmith’s business in a small rented space. His work was only geared towards the agricultural sector mainly in the repairing of small tools. His ability pushed him to build the tools from scratch. As it was not easy to find the raw materials needed, he was made to also use the war material that the war had left behind on the territory.
In spite of the daily hardships, with this tenacity he was able to realize a small place to use as a garage. This is where he began to build agricultural equipment: agricultural trailers fixed and reclining, harrow, grubber, plough, etc. The Pugliese Garage was born.

In 1960, political and economic changes made the company work in the aqueduct sector with the production of special pieces for the pipes.

Due to the growing request in this sector (aqueduct), the Garage managed to expand its space to 1000 sq m. It is in the 1980s though that the company invested in its future. It moved to the industrial area of Val di Sangro in Atessa where it purchased a new productive area (30,000 sq m) with a 6,000 sq m warehouse. Pugliese Industria Meccancica S.r.l. was established. In 2009, the company was faced with another challenge; it bought a new productive area (100,000 sq m) in Mozzagrogna with a 13,000 sq m warehouse to focus a large part of production on the energy sector.

Thanks to the capability, intuition, constant investment in staff, machinery and in technology, our company has succeeded in making a name for itself in the production of tubes of large diameter, special parts for pressure pipes, pressure tanks, mechanical pressing and towers for wind turbines.

Pugliese Industria Meccanica
Pugliese Industria Meccanica
Pugliese Industria Meccanica


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